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Welcome to the pack!

Welcome to the pack! We want to start by welcoming you and congratulating you on your already fruitful journey to self-discovery.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned spiritual teacher, healer, or practitioner Wolfpack Healing is here to support your dreams and visions. 

Travis Preston, founder of Wolfpack Healing and skilled Shamanic Navigator specializes in journeying to the depths of any darkness you may be carrying to bring forth the abundance of light that lives within you. Calling upon the many skills and crafts he possesses to bring forward a unique experience that is designed specifically for you and your loved one. There is no limit to the possibilities that may come forth when working with Travis. You may learn to face your fears walking over fire, experience deep soul level shifts in life with 1 on  1 shadow work Tracking sessions, discover new gifts and tools in a closed cell 1 on 1 coaching program, explore the worlds of Shamanic journeying, or even celebrate life’s beauties with a custom wedding or baby blessing. Travis is here and ready to serve. Offering in-person and remote services. Let’s get started today!

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Train in the Pack

Taking your skills and craft to the next level is so important. You deserve to discover and bring forth the tools and skills you possess and have come here to share. Travis has devoted his time, energy, and entire lifestyle to this mission. He’s dedicated to walking his walk, and is now extending a hand out for those who are ready. Sharing the knowledge and gifts acquired over the years to share with you. Travis offers Shamanic Journey workshops and classes, as well as one of the most comprehensive and transformative Sundoor Firewalk instructor Training courses for those ready to transform their lives.

Walk with the Pack

Firewalking is an ancient tradition steeped in culture and history. It has been used for hundreds, even thousands of years for the purpose of transition, transformation, and healing. Let's take a walk by the fire and see what the fire has in store for you. Are you ready to set your soul on fire and move into that next step or direction, experience the healing you never thought possible, or even just learn to dance with your inner fire, while walking an external one? Now is your time!

Ceremonies with the Pack

The world is moving at a pace faster than we have ever experienced before. Take a breath, take a step and let us come together to honor the natural world, the people and even the natural world events around you with a new found sense of presence. Let Travis create and guide you into discovering that sacred place within you, to assist you in sharing that with the world of your choice.

Shamanic / intuitive / Mentorship Coaching

Changing your life or stepping into a new way of living can sometimes be scary. It can oftentimes require verbal support and processing, as well as specialized content to help you discover your very own skills and gifts to unlock your intuition and support along the way.  Our coaching program is unlike any other, not only do we offer spiritual, masculine, and psychic development skills but you also have access to the shadow work mapping and healings as part of your program.  No 2 people are alike and neither are these programs.  If you are ready for major, life changing shifts and to be supported side by side with Travis, do not let this pass you by.  Travis does not offer many of these opportunities, as the level of support given is the top priority.  Schedule a call or meeting today to find out what’s in store for you and your future.

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Welcome Wolfpack Healing to your space!

We are always looking to expand the pack and come to you!  We know the value of community and are honored to take the time to connect and explore all the options.  Currently we are traveling and exploring locations all around the United States, and open to international opportunities with you as well. Travis offers a wide variety of classes, ceremonies, and group events.  We would love to grow our pack and connect with you today!